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Beaches Torrevieja

Playa del Cura

Playa del Cura, is a very nice and sandy beach, the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Everyone enjoys this very sunny place because the sun reflects on this beach 24/7. Best playground for children and the waves are not so high. Very close to restaurants and there is also a toilet at the end of the beach. MAP

Playa de los Locos

Playa de los Locos, a fantastic beach, great for swimming, fishing and walking. Manic in summer hence the name but always appealing. There is plenty of parking on the Cabo near the 222 Complex or on the streets behind Domti the 2 euro store you just have to visit. There are many nice bars, restaurants and shops on playa Los Locos and in the streets running off the main promenade. MAP

Playa de La Mata

Playa de La Mata, is a clean and long sandy beach, and there is a boardwalk between the beach, cafes and restaurants. There is generous parking, a square surrounded by restaurants. There is a child’s play area in the square. MAP

Playa Cabo Cervera

Playa Cabo Cervera, one of the most attractive beaches in the city with crystal, clear water. Length: 100 m, Width: 25 m, Area: 2,947 m2, North limit: Playa de La Mata, South limit: Cabo Cervera, MAP

Cala Piteras

Cala Piteras, a small, semi-urban beach with good size parking space, parking for disabled and bike racks. Length: 123 m, Width: 15 m, Area: 1,559 m2, North limit: Cala Ferris Beach, South limit: Punta Prima. MAP

Playa Els Tossals

Playa Els Tossals, is a beautiful beach, rarely crowded with a free car park on left after La Marina Camping. Cafes opposite car park. Walk road or elevated wooden walkway through pine forest to the beach. Regular beach to left, nudist beach to right once you get there. MAP