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Attractions Calpe

Penyal D’Ifach, is the smallest natural park in the whole of Spain. It is a large limestone rock, 332 meters high, which sits right on the Calpe beach. There are two routes that you can take to get to the top, one is easier and is suitable for both children and adults. The other one is quite alot more difficult and if you are an athletic person, it is the prefered climb. The view from the top is spectatular.

Las Salinas de Calpe, is an old saltwork from the roman ages, but is now the home of over 170 different species of flora and wildlife. It is situated very close to the Parque Natural del Penyal D’Ifach, in the towns center

Baños de la reina, is a Roman site, located in front of a bay, and sheltered by the Penyal D’Ifach, and is a coastal enclave that is known for its magnificent architectural design and its mosaics, one of the most important collections of its kind in all of Roman Hispania. Not all of it has been excavated so far, but it is still enough to discern the magnitude of this Roman villae fitted with all kinds of luxuries 2,000 years ago. The pools carved out of the coastal rock, used to supply fresh fish, led to the name of the enclave which is still used today. You can take a swim in the old Roman ruins, which in itself is an experience.WEB

La Pobla D’Ifach, is a huge medieval archaelogical site, which dates back to the 13th century and well worth a visit.

The Old Town, in Calpe has a lot to offer. It has narrow, cobblestoned streets, and is an oppurtunity to travel back into a different time. The best things to see in The Old Town includes The Parish chursh of Nuestra Señora de las NievesTorreó de la Peça (which has been converted into the Museo del Collecionismo),  the Museo de Historia y Arqueología de Calpe, several mural paintings and mosaics, and in particular the mural displayed on the Tourist office. The Old Town is also the home of an weekly arts and crafts market.

Scuba diving and watersports, Calpe is an excellent location for scuba diving and other watersports, with scuba divers coming from all parts of the world.

Dive & Dive ( Ctra. Puerto, 14, 03710 Calp, Alicante, Tel: 965 83 92 70 ) is a five star Gold Palm IDC PADI center and offers all diving courses from beginner (try dives) to Instructor plus specialties and technical diving courses

Another advantage of our location is the ability to access multiple dive sites within short distance . The advantage of the Ifach Rock allows us 99 % of the time diving on one side or another and offer a very wide range of different dives for all levels. WEB

  • Fiestas, Calpe has many fiestas spread throughtout the year, starting with the celebration of the three vise men in January, followed by a large carnival in February. Then alot of small fiestas follows, but in July the ‘Feria de Andalucía’ (the Andalucía Fair) inundates Calpe with light and colour and July also sees the Festivity of ‘La Virgen Carmen’, which is the fiesta that the sailors organise for their patron saint, with an offering of flowers and an emotional homage to all the men who never returned from their sailing trips.In August, Calpe celebrates its fiestas in Honour of Calpe’s ‘Virgen de las Nieves’ (Virgin of the Snow).  The events begin on the 14th of August with the ringing of church bells and, as of that moment, music, dancing, fireworks open-air dancing and shows, turns Calpe into a city where the party never ends. In October, Calpe celebrates its annual Oktoberfest with the participation of numerous carnival associations from different areas of Germany, and with dancing, fancy dress, traditional German music, food and, beer,beer and more beer.