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Beaches Alicante

Playa de los Saladares

Playa de los Saladares is a beach located in the extreme south of the municipality of Alicante, in a residential area and in a wetland area of high environmental interest that was formerly a place of salt exploitation. It has an area reserved for nudism at the end of the promenade, up to the limit with the municipality of Elche, where cruising is also practised. From Elche, the beach continues physically and is called Playa del Altet and, later on, in the urbanized area, Arenales del Sol, also located in the El Altet section of Elche, located one and a half kilometres south-west. MAP

Playa del Postiguet

Playa del Postiguet or simply El Postiguet is a beach in the Spanish city of Alicante. It is located in the Ensanche Diputación neighbourhood, bordering the Santa Cruz and Raval Roig-Virgen del Socorro neighbourhoods. MAP

Playa de El Alted

Playa de El Alted is the name of one of the beaches in the hamlet of the same name (El Alted), the municipality of Elche, in the province of Alicante. To the north, it extends with the Urbanova beach, already in the municipality of Alicante; to the south, it borders the other beach of this coastal town in the Bay of Alicante, called Arenales del Sol and, later, the Dunes of Carabassí, belonging to the Balsares district. MAP 

Rock & Beach Playa Canina

Rock & Beach Playa Canina – inaugurated in 2016, free but well equipped, dedicated to those who lead a dog. Dogs under control, collection of manure, dogs considered dangerous with the muzzle, health book. The leash is mandatory only at the kiosk, which sells food and drinks for humans. Easily accessible by car, on foot or by bus. MAP 

Playa Punta Del Riu

Playa Punta Del Riu, Campello – it’s a small cove frequented by surfers, located in the middle of nature, easily accessible and very central. It is also 500 meters from the dog park. Dogs can run on the beach, bathe, play with other animals … and you can enjoy a quiet day at the beach. MAP

Playa de Agua Amarga

Playa de Agua Amarga, a beach in the city of Alicante, south of the Rambla de las Ovejas. Following this beach was the missing San Gabriel beach, due to the expansion of the port. There is a small cove, which is part of this beach, known as the Los Borrachos cove. Parallel to the beach is important roads and railways, such as Elche Avenue and the Murcia-Alicante commuter line, respectively. Currently, the Agua Amarga beach has become a stage of the City of Light for the filming of films of international level, this being the third-largest film studio in the world. MAP 

Playa de San Gabriel

Playa de San Gabriel is a beach attached to the Port of Alicante in its western part that has access through a metal walkway above the railway line, next to the San Gabriel railway station. The subtropical character of the waters constantly invites bathing and offers the diver the panorama of abundant schools of fish, starfish and a great diversity of algae that form an incredible range of colours. It is a beach 200 meters long and barely 40 wide, and inside it is characterized by having a large number of palm trees, which contributes to forming a beautiful and different environment in the panoramic view of the city. MAP  

Playa de las Huertas

Playa de las Huertas – The Cabo de la Huerta, named in reference to the Huerta de Alicante, also known as Cabo de las Huertas and formerly as Alcodre, is a Cape of Spain on the Levante coast and also a neighbourhood in the Spanish city of Alicante. It limits the west with the Albufereta neighbourhood and the north with the Playa de San Juan; to the east and south, it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. According to the 2006 municipal census, the neighbourhood has 14 963 inhabitants (7249 men and 7714 women). The Cape of the Huerta owes its name to its proximity to the Huerta de Alicante, which, together with the port, was one of the two economic engines of the region (Huerta in capital letters, assimilable to an extension made up of terraces and with an irrigation system) establishes a separation between the beach of San Juan and the bay of Alicante. In turn, the bay of Alicante is delimited by this cape to the north and by the cape of Santa Pola to the south. At the eastern end of Cape Huerta, there is a signalling lighthouse to facilitate navigation. MAP

Cala de Cantalars

Cala de Cantalars – nudist beach, small rocky coves are some of the most famous in the province among naturism lovers. They are located in Cabo de Huertas and its situation near urbanizations, a quiet area very much in line with the calm waters of the province. MAP