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About us

I fell in love with Costa Blanca last year when I first visited.

A good friend of mine invited me and she said: “Come once and you’ll fall in love with the sea,” so it was. I have visited the wonderful places of the Costa Blanca and because I fell in love with these places, I decided to move here, in Costa Blanca. aims to provide you with the information you need when you come for holiday, business or just visit. Any suggestion from you, who visit this website, is welcome and we will take it into account. Please give us your suggestions and opinions about this website and how we can improve it.

The estate section offers you the opportunity to find the best offers for Sale / Buy / Rent properties in Costa Blanca. All ads are free of charge, monitored by web site administrators and offer direct links between those who offer and those who are looking for.
Free link between property demand and offer in Costa Blanca!

Everyone who visits Costa Blanca, we would like to find as much useful information as possible on this website.

Thank you for your support !